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Proofreading language and structure

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenCorrecting language and spelling mistakes

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenImproving your style

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenProofreading text structure

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenRephrasing illogical sentences

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenDeleting unnecessary repetition

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenRectifying incorrect punctuation

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenImproving your argumentation

Revising content

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenChecking thesis compositions

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenFine-tuning research questions

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenEnsuring theory matches research

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenChecking completeness of methodology

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenEnsuring conclusion matches research

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenPointing out missing information

scriptie redigeren en corrigerenDetecting contradicting material in content



We correct your language and sentence structure using the feature ‘Track Changes’ in Microsoft Word. This allows you to accept or ignore our suggested modifications. We correct language mistakes in the text itself and strike out the words or sentences that contain the mistakes. We refer you to our sideline comments for explanations of our modifications or additional feedback on your work. The overall language level of your thesis will improve immensely.



We proofread your content thoroughly. Potential revisions will be presented to you in sideline comments or will be added to the text of your English thesis directly. A double check of your thesis is optional. Please read the information available in our FAQ section for more information on customised thesis aid. Ask any question you might have via email or in the chat. Do you wish to calculate the costs of having your thesis proofread first? Please click this link. [/box]


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