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1. What can Scriptium do for me?

Scriptium offers you a thorough proofread of your thesis for a fraction of the price. We offer nothing less than a full and first-rate service which includes proofreads based on language & structure as well as on content. All of this is available to you for the lowest rates. We correct your English thesis on grammar, spelling and general language use, logics, approach, design, content and structure. Scriptium is unique because of the wide range of services we offer, which makes that Scriptium could be the difference between graduating and failing for you. Your thesis will be proofread with the utmost personal care and attention. Do not hesitate to contact us with any remarks or question you might have.

2. What can I expect from a proofread based on language and structure?

Our proofreads based on language include the following:

– We correct language and spelling mistakes
– We rectify style issues and incorrect punctuation
– We rephrase illogical and/or vague sentences
– We improve on sentence and text structure
– We provide you with information regarding our revisions and additional feedback

3. To what extent does Scriptium proofread and edit content?

We proofread content based on the following:
– We check the composition of your thesis
– We fine-tune your research question
– We ensure your theoretical framework complements your research question
– We check your methodology section for completeness
– We ensure your conclusion matches your research
– We point out unnecessary repetition and missing information
– We ensure your thesis maintains a logical train of thought

Note: Scriptium offers proofread services and does not create new content. We also do not lengthen or shorten your thesis.

4. Is Scriptium cheaper than other thesis proofread companies?

Scriptium is on average 30% cheaper than other thesis proofread companies or private individuals. Other companies limit themselves to offering just grammar checks but we offer additional structure and content proofreads for a lower price total. Our price page allows you to determine how much you want to spend on thesis aid. Just fill in the amount of words you want to have checked and how many days can pass before you want your thesis back.

5. How capable are your proofreaders?

Scriptium offers the only thesis proofread service that includes (thorough) content editing and in order to execute this unique feature, we hire only the best proofreaders. We do not only require our proofreaders to excel when it comes to language, we require them to be able to detect and correct content mistakes in theses and to provide feedback in an understandable way. These skills require a high level of concentration, know-how and experience with editing texts. Our proofreaders competed for literary awards, co-wrote academic books or have been working an educational job for years. They are offered coaching if necessary and they brush up on their knowledge once in a while. We ensure an exceptionally high proofread level because of our strict selection procedure. Our clients provide us with positive replies on our Facebook page (, our website or by email, which motivate us to keep on delivering products of the highest possible quality.

6. How exactly do you execute the proofread and thesis aid?

We proofread your report or thesis with the utmost accuracy and we aim to correct every language mistake we can find. Microsoft Word offers the ‘Track Changes’ feature which we make ample use of. This feature allows you to accept or ignore our suggested modification and/or comments. We refer you to our web page on thesis aid for concrete examples of our language and content editing. The proofreader checks your research text based on a revision model. It is also possible to have only a part of your thesis proofread by us.

7. Do you proofread other texts than just (rejected) theses?

Yes, we most certainly proofread other types of texts. We offer our services and thesis aid for:
– Essays
– Research plans
– Papers
– Bachelor researches or bachelor theses
– Master researches or master theses
– Doctoral theses
– Action plans
– Evaluations
– Internship reports
– Portfolios
– Dissertations
– Manuscripts
– Business reports or application letters
Upload your text, thesis or essay and indicate the type of document in the designated box.

8. What happens if I am not satisfied with the proofread or feedback I received?

We are only humans, so it is possible for our proofreaders to overlook something once in a while. However, we can guarantee you that we do everything in our power to provide our clients with the best possible thesis aid and to ensure that proofreaders do not overlook language and spelling mistakes. We check your Dutch or English thesis twice for example. Our double check has so far resulted in not a single disappointed customer since Scriptium was founded. On top of that, clients come back to us with more theses because of our high quality standards. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have a complaint or if you are simply unsatisfied with our services. After we receive and process a complaint, we will propose an appropriate solution to you as soon as possible.

9. Am I guaranteed to pass my thesis if I have Scriptium proofread my text?

We do everything in our power to immensely improve the level of language and content of your thesis. However, we are not aiming to completely rewrite your work. Whether or not you receive a sufficient grade for your thesis is therefore partially dependent on the quality of the content you contributed yourself, but also dependent on what exactly you decide to do with the feedback and revisions we provide you with. Make sure you start off great by using our top 100 list of most frequent thesis mistakes whilst writing your thesis.

10. I need thesis aid fast! Where and when can I reach you?

Our services are available and you can upload a thesis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can ask your questions in the chat or in an email to Oscar, our communications manager. He will answer your question thoroughly and truthfully. If we are by chance not available by chat, you can always send us an email, even in weekends. We will respond as soon as possible.

11. How do I upload my thesis?

Uploading your thesis is a quick and easy process. You can simply click on this link. Upload your English thesis, possibly with feedback your teacher(s) provided, and fill in the required information. The costs are calculated based on the amount of words your thesis has. After you accept the general terms and conditions, you will be asked to pay. Work on your thesis will start immediately and the revised version of your text will be send back to you before the deadline, set by you, expires.

12. How long will it take before my revised thesis is send back to me?

If your thesis or essay exists out of 5,000 words or less, you can opt for rushed delivery. This means that your revised thesis will be send back to you by email within 20 hours. If you upload your thesis around 05:00 pm for example, you will receive your proofread version before 01:00 pm the next day.
Does your thesis contain more than 5,000 words? You then have the possibility to have your revised thesis returned to you within 48 hours or 7 days. Do take into account that the costs of your proofread change dependent on which time period you pick. The chosen time period serves as an ultimate deadline: your revised thesis can be send back to you well before it expires, but never after.

13. How do I execute the payment?

Payments to Scriptium are executed safely and easily by Credit Card, PayPal or iDeal. You are referred to the payment page after you have uploaded your thesis and filled in the required information. The upload and payment process are separated by three easy steps.

14. Is my (research) information safe with Scriptium?

Scriptium guarantees that the information in your thesis will not be made available to third parties nor will it be utilised for commercial purposes. All employees and proofreaders working at Scriptium sign a confidentiality agreement as stated in the General Terms. If you are still hesitant, we recommend you to rid your document of all personal information before you upload it.

15. Can you check my APA reference list?

Yes, but only as a separate thesis service. We check the uniformity of your APA style and if you refer to books and articles in a correct manner, that is, according to academic standards. Send an email to [email protected] to let us know you wish to have your reference list checked.

16.What is not included in Scriptium’s services?

Our professional proofreaders will proofread the content of your thesis or essay and will correct all language mistakes. We offer more thesis revision for a very reasonable price. However, we will not create new content, write new or rewrite large chunks of text. It is considered to be fraud to (re)write your thesis for you. It is our ultimate goal to ensure your ideas are presented on the paper in the best possible way. We also do not offer checks of statistical analyses and we do not execute SPSS analyses. Additionally, we do not provide source lists. We proofread your existing text. We do offer the possibility to upload feedback you received from your teacher(s). We will take this feedback into account whilst proofreading according to the points mentioned under question 3. Note: we will consider the feedback given by your teacher(s) that complies with our revision model, not all feedback.

17. Does Scriptium guarantee that the amount of words in my original document is matched by the amount of words of the revised document?

In most cases, the amount of words is entirely or almost the same. The possible difference is a maximum of 0.02% deviation of the total amount of words in a thesis or research report.

18. How do I apply to Scriptium as a freelance proofreader?

Scriptium is expanding rapidly and we need freelance proofreaders throughout the year. Are you highly proficient in the English language and do you have a keen eye for issues in academic/scientific texts? Do you enjoy correcting theses and are you able to handle freedom responsibly? Please fill in our contact form. Provide us with a short explanation of your background, your relevant previous work experience and education and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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